Comparing Photographs

(exercise 3)

The first image is a close up image of the merging of several farmer fields, it is a fairly simple image that many viewers could simply ignore because there is nothing particularly interesting about the image. The second image is a landscape photo of a city, however what makes it interesting is the several layers in the image, you can see the roads, and cars, but can also see large skyscrapers, and small homes and houses, as well as the sky, that adds immense character to the piece.

John Davies, Agecroft Power Station.

By being able to see the towers from a upper level you are able to see how grand the towers are, as well as the gravity of the air pollution. The fact that you can see a children’s football match gives an almost eerie, and scary feel, because you these small children who were just enjoying a football match in the sun are also being exposed to immense air pollution that could cause so many health problems. I believe this image is meant to be a subtle nudge to the negative effects of our decisions a as society, and how badly it effects the environment we live in. 

Perspective is everything when it comes to photography, depending on where the photo is taken and from what angles, it can completely chance what the viewer would focus their attention towards. 

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